Terms & Conditions Crystal Real Estate (CRE) Home Services


Terms & Conditions

§ 1 Ambit
The following General Terms & Conditions apply to all cleaning and home services provided by Crystal Real Estate (CRE) and build an integrating component for all agreements between CRE as contractor and the customer. Any changes to these terms and conditions have to be in writing. By placing an order with CRE, the customer agrees to and confirms the following General Terms & Conditions.

§ 2 Fulfillment
Any ordered services will be executed according to the contract between CRE and the customer. CRE agrees to fulfill the ordered services according to the contract and with diligence.

§ 3 Services, Pricing & Price Basis
The prices are defined by contract between CRE and the customer. The offered services and inclusive terms on www.crystalre.ch are valid for properties and units with normal wear and tear. For properties  and units with unusual high wear and tear, CRE will bill the customer according to actual cost and effort (i.e. adhesive residues, smoke damage, pet stains, garbage). All prices are excluding VAT 8%. 

§ 4 Terms of Payment
For move-out cleanings, the total invoice amount is due at handover of the object in cash. Monthly billing only applies to standing orders. The terms of payment are 10 days after the issuing date of the invoice. CRE reserves the right to charge CHF 30.00 per incident for late payments.

§ 5 Insurance and Liability
CRE is in possession of liability insurance policy with a CHF 5MM coverage. All damages resulting from services provided by CRE have to be reported to CRE immediately, 72 hours after occurence of the incidence the latest. CRE declines any liability for reports received after the deadline of 72 hours. All CRE employees are AHV, IV, BU & NBU insured and registered with AHV/SVA.

§ 6 Contract & Contract Duration
Contract, date of service and duration of the contract between CRE and the customer have to be agreed to in writing. The „Schweizer Obligationenrecht“ applies to all contracts and agreements. CRE reserves the right to refuse service requests without any declaration of reason.

§ 7 Period of Cancellation
The period of cancellation will be agreed upon between CRE and the customer in writing.

§ 8 Cancellation of Contract by Crystal Real Estate
CRE reserves the right to refuse service at locations with unsual high pollution and/or wrong object description at date of contract. In theses cases the contract is void and CRE has the right to charge any cost, such as travel time, hourly rates and material cost, to the customer.

§ 9 Warranty
CRE is obligated to handover the assigned objects according to the contract.

§ 10 Applicable Law
Only Swiss Law applies.

§ 11 Place of Jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is Kloten.

As of  1.4.2013, changes may apply